• Why Myopia management matters?

  • How to Improve Child's Vision Performance

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What are the treatments for
progressive Myopia in Kids?

Reducing screen time, taking frequent breaks while studying, increasing outdoor play are all important in helping slow myopia progression.

"To help manage myopia, we must encourage our kids to put down their device and play outside."

Combined with behavioral changes such as reducing device use,
increasing outdoor play, good study posture, Ortho-K has been
effective at slowing the progression of myopia in kids.

What is Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)?

"Act now to help your child manage their progressive myopia before it becomes too late."

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How to Get Started

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    Meet with the Doctor to learn about myopia in your child and to see if your child is a candidate for the Myopia Care Program.

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    Begin the Myopia Care program supported at every step by the Doctor and Hoot's clinical care team.

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