Dr. Adrienne Cassata

Island Family Eye Care

1780 Grand Island Blvd
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Grand Island , NY

  • Specializes in Myopia Management

  • In Private Practice for 20 Years

  • Highly Recommended

  • Expertise in Orthokeratology, Atropine Drops, Dual Focused Contact Lenses

About Dr. Adrienne Cassata

Dr. Adrienne Cassata (maiden name Manzo) graduated from Grand Island High School in 1995 and is a current Island resident with her husband and two children. After high school, she received her Bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University and went on to obtain her Optometry degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry. After moving back to Western New York when she finished her education, she worked for a busy Ophthalmology practice in Western New York for 10 years which has greatly aided in her vast clinical skills. Dr. Cassata currently enjoys examining patients of all ages, including pediatric and Adult.

Proudly serving patients in these areas

Tonawanda, Amherst, North Tonawanda, Niagara Falls, Buffalo

Dr. Adrienne Cassata

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