Celeste Dalesio: What Makes Our Myopia Care Team Different?


In this video, Myopia Management Coordinator Celeste Dalesio discusses what makes the myopia care team at Fort Myers Eye Associates different.

1. They customize the myopia care treatment for every child. They do so by measuring your child’s axial length with special equipment and then determine which therapy works best for your child to help them continue to be active whether its swimming or playing sports.

2. They work closely with parents to attend to your schedule and make best use of your time. Their online videos help you understand myopia and why it presents a big risk. They have in-office training for insertion and removal of custom contacts along with online videos to help with training and behavior modifications.

3. Dr. Dalesio and the team at Fort Myers Eye Associates have been practicing for 30 years and have worked with parents and provided myopia care therapy for 25 years. He has a tremendous amount of experience and success in both children and teenagers.

Protecting your child from future vision loss is one of the most important things a parents could do.

Dr. David Dalesio is skilled at providing myopia management services. He provides your child with all the available strategies to stop their myopia progression and keep their vision from getting worse. He is an early adopter of the latest technologies providing you with the best myopia care and treatment.

Dr. David Dalesio’s practice is called Fort Myers Eye Associates and is located in Fort Myers, Florida. His office address is 8801 College Parkway, Suite 3, Fort Myers, Florida, 33919.

To know more about Dr. David Dalesio: https://www.hootmyopiacare.com/david/

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