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Optometrist/Owner Focus Eye Care, P.C.
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4160 IL Rte 83

Long Grove, Illinois

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Hi Parents-

I am a practicing Optometrist who specializes in Myopia Management.

In our practice here, we help parents with kids who have progressive myopia. This means their prescription jumps and is getting worse each year.

I am part of the Hoot Myopia Care community of doctors dedicated to educating and enabling parents like yourself to learn about myopia and use all the great tools found on this site to do something about it to help your child have great vision.

Look around this site to learn, understand and most importantly take informed action.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be sharing information through the Hoot platform which will help you to make informed choices about your child’s vision.

I work closely with Dr. Shefali Miglani, who is the Chief Medical Officer of Hoot. You’ll be seeing her on many of the educational videos.

To take action and move forward about your child’s myopia, please reach out to me or my office to book a consultation appointment.