Ortho-K Renewal

Your orthokeratology program is 12 months in length and is $399.00.* This fee includes the following: Continued evaluation and fitting/re-fitting of Orthokeratology molds All mold/fit adjustments made by the doctor Testing related to monitoring progression of myopia (i.e., refraction, corneal topography, axial length measurement, and office visit) Program requirements: Be on time. Arriving late will create the need for your appointment to be rescheduled When you cancel or reschedule an appointment, inform us at least 48 hours before the appointment. A current eye health exam must be performed yearly to remain in the program $249.00* fee at 3, 6, and 9 month appointments Agree to ‘retire’ molds once they are 12 months old and keep them only as emergency backup molds. Agree to maintain a backup set up molds to avoid interruption of treatment in the event of loss or breakage. Additional backup molds are $280/mold* Understand that fee for replacement of lost/broken molds is $280/mold* Removal from the program: If circumstances prevent you from continuing treatment and you want to discontinue Orthokeratology, there will be a one time fee of $425* to ‘wash out’ of treatment. This fee includes all office visits, special tests (i.e. refraction and topography), and soft contact lenses needed to help you see well until you return to your baseline prescription and corneal curvature. The time needed to wash out varies greatly based on factors such as: age, pre-treatment prescription, and number of years of Orthokeratology treatment prior to washout. The average time that it takes to wash out is about 3 months. I have read and understand the above and had the opportunity to ask questions.
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