Dr Handschumacher: Advice for Parents to Prevent Vision From Getting Worse

In this video, Dr. Jeffrey Handschumacher gives advice for parents to prevent vision from getting worse.

This includes behavioral modifications such as spending more time playing outside instead of being on their electronic devices. Studies have shown that the more time children spend outside, the less their myopia progresses. Dr. Handschumacher recommends that parents bring their child in for a comprehensive exam to determine whether or not they have myopia and what they can do about it.

Dr. Jeffrey Handschumacher is skilled at providing myopia management services. He provides your child with all the available strategies to stop their myopia progression and keep their vision from getting worse. He is an early adopter of the latest technologies providing you with the best myopia care and treatment.

Dr. Jeffrey Handschumacher’s practice is called Family Eyecare Center and is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. His office address is 7500 Ramble Way, Suite 101, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27616.

To know more about Dr. Jeffrey Handschumacher: https://www.hootmyopiacare.com/jeff/

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