Dr. Todd Cohan on what to do when your child has myopia


In this video, Dr. Todd Cohan discusses what parents should do when they find out that their child has myopia.

This includes getting a comprehensive eye exam every single year to ensure that your child’s vision is staying healthy and allows them to participate in all of their usual activities.

Dr. Todd Cohan, President and clinical optometrist at Foresight Vision in Long Grove, Illinois specializes in pediatrics and vision therapy and practices full scope optometry. He uses advanced technology to catch signs of early changes of myopia before myopia progression causes visual disabling conditions. He provides latest treatment options for treatment of myopia.

Dr. Cohan’s practice is called Foresight Vision and is located in Long Grove, Illinois. Dr. Cohan office address is 4160 IL Rte 83, Suite 107, Long Grove, Illinois.

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