Dr. Shefali Miglani

Myopia Management Specialist

Owner, Monroe Eye Care
Chief Medical Officer, Hoot Myopia Care

Dr. Miglani runs a specialty eye care practice located in Monroe Township, New Jersey dedicated to helping kids with progressive myopia.

Dr. Miglani and her team work closely with parents to help manage myopia in kids with two main approaches:

  • Behavioral changes to reduce screen time, increase outdoor play and improve study posture.
  • Therapies such as Ortho-K overnight lenses, Atropine Drops or Dual Focused Soft Contact Lenses.
  • 20 years in private practice

  • Hundreds of kids in the
    myopia management program

  • Myopia Expert

    Ortho-K Lens | Atropine Drops | Soft Dual Focused Lens

As your eye doctor, I want to help you learn about myopia of your child and what we can do about it.

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Real Kids.
Real Success.

"Ortho-K Myopia Care has helped me feel better because I don't have to worry about my glasses or my prescription jumping each year."

Started at Age 10

"l have been using Ortho-K and it has been awesome."

Started at Age 10

"My vision has been getting worse each year. After treatment, I can see perfectly without glasses and it has changed my life."

Started at Age 18

"l noticed that my vision was getting drastically worse each year and it became hard to focus in school. With long eyelashes, my glasses also got blurry often. Ortho-K has helped me see clear all day and stopped my myopia from getting worse."

Started at Age 14

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Dr. Miglani uses technology to help parents manage their child's myopia management journey at home


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Question? Email:Summiaya@monroeeyecarenj.com or Text us: (609) 235-97770