Dr. Heidi Schauffele

Heidi Schauffele, O.D., Inc.

3704 Marconi Ave.
Ste 2

Sacramento , CA

  • Specializes in Myopia Management

  • In Private Practice for 20 Years

  • Highly Recommended

  • Expertise in Orthokeratology, Atropine Drops, Dual Focused Contact Lenses

About Dr. Heidi Schauffele

Dr. Schauffele completed her undergraduate studies at Pacific Union College in the Napa Valley in 1997. She married her college sweetheart and then persued a graduate degree in optometry at the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. She has been a welcome addition to our office since 2003, and took ownership of the practice in 2018. She is a caring doctor, qualified to perform full scope optometric care. She especially enjoys fitting a variety of routine and specialty contact lens options. She feels strongly that children (beginning at age 6 months) deserve routine eyecare and provides a child-friendly environment to ease the introduction.

Proudly serving patients in these areas

Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Carmichael and beyond

I take it to heart when a young child's prescription gets higher and higher and the prescription gets harder and harder to wear in either spectacles or contacts or sport glasses. Because I've been educated and trained on methods to reduce this over-growth, I WANT every myopic child to have the option to fight back.

Dr. Heidi Schauffele

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