The Hoot method

We believe that myopia management is not only about the Ortho-K lenses or the Atropine drops, it's also about helping your child change behaviors that help them naturally control myopia progression to become more confident and successful.


Select a Doctor


  • Select a doctor for a consultation
  • Our network of myopia specialist is growing every day
  • Our platform helps Optometrists who specialize in Myopia Management
  • If a Hoot myopia management doctor is not in your area, please let us know and we’ll help you find one

Online Assessment

Review Your Child’s Latest Eye Exam

  • How much did your child’s prescription increase?
  • How rapid is the myopia progression?
  • Understand what factors have changed
  • Is your child myopic (nearsighted)?

Complete Family History of
Vision & Genetic Profile

  • Understand parents’ vision progression
  • Understand long term risk
  • Review insights with doctor

Understand Child’s Screen Time,
Studying Habits and Outdoor Time

  • How much time does the child spend on screens? Remote school versus gaming, etc.?
  • What kind of near work is your child doing?
  • What’s their posture in school or online?
  • Level of stress? Social interaction?

Visit Doctor & Personalize a Plan

1-2 hour Consultation Visit

  • Conduct non-invasive diagnostic testing using Topography instrument and Axial length measurement
  • Review your child’s eye exam results & data
  • Doctor explains about myopia control, why it occurs and why we should slow myopia progression as well as treatment options.
  • Discuss your concerns and questions
  • Determine whether or not your child is a candidate for myopia management and which treatment would be best suitable: Orthokeratology, Atropine Drops or Dual Focused Contact Lenses
  • Doctor may fit your child with a trial Ortho-K lenses to assess fit and function
  • Review your options
  • Sign Up for program
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Personalize Your Child’s Plan

Sign up for either program:
  • Orthokeratology Plan
  • Atropine Drops Plan
  • Soft Contact Lenses Plan
  • Enroll your child in Hoot Behavioral Coaching Program to help them reduce screen time, increase outdoor play, improve study posture and gain new understanding of positive lifestyle changes that impact their myopia

The Doctor and Our Team Work with You and
your child to Implement the Plan


  • Schedule six to eight visits over 12-month period
  • We customize your child’s Ortho-K lenses or Soft Contact Lenses or Atropine Drops treatment
  • Insertion & Removal Training Day for Lenses
  • Video training modules for kids to learn lens care, wearing while sleeping and more
  • Doctor talks to your child about reducing screen time and importance of good studying posture
  • Monitor progress of behavioral factors
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See Improvements & Review New Goals

Adjust Care Plan During
Unlimited Visits over 12 months

  • Adjust your child’s plan with new insights
  • Change or swap lenses as needed
  • Call or Text Doctor or Staff 24/7
  • Video calls when you need them
  • Learning, training sessions live and on video demand
  • Meet with Doctor when needed
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12-Month Milestone Appointment

  • Celebrate your child’s 1 year appointment and
    commitment to adhering to their myopia care plan
  • Celebrate success of halting or slowing
    down the progression of myopia

How to Get Started

"Your action right now can help
ensure your child's future vision."