Dr. Jason Teh

In2eyes Optometry

Whitehorse Road

Surrey Hills , Victoria

  • Specializes in Myopia Management

  • In Private Practice for 20 Years

  • Highly Recommended

  • Expertise in Orthokeratology, Atropine Drops, Dual Focused Contact Lenses

About Dr. Jason Teh

Jason Teh is a member of the Optometry Australia Association and has been practicing Optometry for more than 19 years. Jason has high expectations for patient outcomes and delivers his consults with patience and care. He started up a myopia management clinic more than 10 years ago and is adamant that he will do everything he possibly can to reduce the impact of short sightedness in the general community. This uncompromising passion for eye care also led to him setting up one of the earliest dry eye clinics in Melbourne. Jason recognised that the next major threat to eye health comes in the form of tear film dysfunction, and he now runs a busy Dry Eye Group out of 3 locations with his team of passionate Optometrists. Jason is a passionate optometrist and family man at heart He has two awesome teenage kids and a fantastic life partner of more than 20 years in Ericka. As owner of In2Eyes Optometry in Surrey Hills, he believes in helping people with the health of their eyes and all their eye wear needs.

About Dr. Jason Teh Latest Snippet

I love practicing myopia management because I get to help kids have great vision all throughout their life.

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Balwyn, Balwyn North, Box Hill, Mont Albert, Doncaster, Camberwell, Bulleen, Kew, Canterbury

Dr. Jason Teh

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