The 4 Myopia Management Strategies

In this video, Dr. Shefali Miglani discusses the 4 myopia management strategies for slowing down the progression of myopia in your child.

These strategies include:
1. Orthokeratology (Ortho-k): Specialty custom lenses worn at night when they sleep.
2. Atropine Eye Drops: Eyedrops that go in your child’s eyes once a day before bedtime.
3. Soft Contact Lenses: Lenses worn during the day which allows them to see during the day and provide a therapy to slow down the progression of their myopia.
4. Myopia Spectacles: Specially designed glasses worn during the day which has been shown to slow down the progression of myopia.

Remember, these strategies should be used along with the implementation of behavioral modifications to provide the best chance of success in their myopia management program.

Some of the behavioral modifications include:
1. Reduce screen time
2. Adjust study posture
3. Improve lighting
4. Encourage outdoor play

Dr. Shefali Miglani is our Chief Medical Officer at Hoot Myopia Care.

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