Dr. Todd Cohan

Forsight Vision, LTD

4160 IL Rte 83
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Long Grove , Illinois

  • Specializes in Myopia Management

  • In Private Practice for 20 Years

  • Highly Recommended

  • Expertise in Orthokeratology, Atropine Drops, Dual Focused Contact Lenses

About Dr. Todd Cohan

Todd Cohan, O.D. is a graduate of Indiana University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. He earned both a Bachelor of Science degree in visual science and his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Illinois College of Optometrists (ICO) and was the sole recipient of ICO’s College of Optometrists in Vision Development Award for excellence in vision therapy and pediatrics. He achieved Clinical Honors in all of his optometric rotations during his externship year of optometry school. He practices full scope optometry, providing treatment and management of ocular diseases, corneal refractive therapy, and contact lenses and vision therapy. Dr. Cohan continues to be on the forefront of technology to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive care for his patients for the treatment and management of all types of ocular disease. Maintaining his strong commitment to vision development, Dr. Cohan continues to specialize in pediatric vision care programs, including particular expertise in vision therapy and the diagnosis and treatment of learning related vision problems. He also specializes in hard-to-fit contact lenses as well as extensive expertise fitting bifocal contact lens patients. Dr. Cohan lectures frequently on contact lenses to other optometrists for Alcon Vision Care as well as being a pre-clinical evaluator for newly developed contact lenses before they are launched nationally. He also serves as an optometric medical billing consultant helping fellow optometrists institute the medical model of optometry to their practices.

Proudly serving patients in these areas

Long Grove, Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, Kildeer, Vernon Hills, Palatine, Deerfield

We have always been a very proactive practice in terms of doing our best to maintain our patients eye health before the small issues can manifest into larger issues. Whether it's using our advanced technology to catch early signs of eye/systemic disease before they become more problematic or slowing down our patients myopia to prevent visual disabling conditions that could have been prevented like retinal degeneration/glaucoma/macular degeneration we always provide the latest treatment options available for our patients.

Dr. Todd Cohan

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